Principal's Message

 My Dear Students,

                   I heartily welcome you all to the portals of our prestigious institution in this new session. This institution has been the torch bearer of quality education in this area for a very long time now. I hope you will live up to our expectations as well as bring laurels to our college that has produced many a luminous personality.

                   Dear Students, education, to my mind has a dual purpose. On the one hand it makes students good citizens and on the other hand it makes them employable too. Let me explain if you are not able to get a decent job after completing your studies, you will become devoid of self-esteem because you will have to depend upon others for your bread and butter. Such persons cannot be good citizens. So, 'ensuring employability' should be an indispensable aim of the education system.

                   Now, for becoming employable you need to have certain skill sets in addition to your degrees. Skills like good communication ability, critical thinking and problem solving are indispensable for surviving in the job market.

                    Moreover, you should aim at becoming efficient at multi-tasking as this is a much sought-after trait, especially in the private sector.

                   Dear students, I have cherished each & every moment in this great institution and hope that you will also have a fruitful, rewarding and enjoyable time here.


                   Blessing You All !!


(Dr. Dharam Singh Sandhu)

This document was last modified on: 07-Jun-2018