Principal's Message

My Dear Students,

You are about to begin a new chapter in your academic life in an institution that is committed to groom your personalities holistically so that a fortified foundation of your future career is laid. This college is in the hundredth year of its inception which is an occasion to rejoice as well as to introspect deeply. It is a privilege for us that we are associated with this grand edifice of learning. When we proudly enumerate the names of all those people who have brought glory to the institution in all walks of life, we silently acknowledge to our own selves that now the mantle of responsibility is upon our shoulders to carry forward the torch of excellence and add to the resplendent galaxy of stars.

The college introduces you to an academically challenging environment that will make you push yourself just that little more for it is this little something that will make all the difference. Challenges are essential to personal growth. It is only when we are faced with challenges that we delve into ourselves and discover a hidden strength, which we were unaware of till then. One immediate challenge before us all is to be able to set our priorities right in today's world of distractions. Our efforts should be such that they bear the desired results. This is possible only if we approach a given task with the right spirit. It is not in vain that the saying goes – 'Well begun is half done.'

I am confident that in times to come we shall say with immense pride that you too were students of SCD Govt. College, Ludhiana.

Hearty welcome!

(Dr. Dharam Singh Sandhu)
This document was last modified on: 29-05-2019