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Online Admission will start from 2nd week of June.                       Admission of M.Sc(Physics) 1st Sem through CETPG to be conducted by Panjab University from this academic session.

Principal's Message

My dear Students,
Just ask yourself a question. “What is the aim of my life?”
There can be a variety of answers to this question. As per my view point the aim of your life should be “To achieve a good standard of living, a sense of fulfillment, passion for rising above the crowd and compassion for fellow brethren.”
Dear students, these things can’t be achieved until and unless you STRIVE.
STRIVE for excellence
STRIVE for fulfilling your and your parent’s dreams
STRIVE for goodness in general.
Students, always keep in mind that if you keep on finding negative things in this world, this world will become a horrible place for you. But, if you have a positive outlook, good things and like-minded people will always surround you. So, DON’T be negative and pessimistic EVER.
Students, these days we have been overwhelmed by technology and Educational technology has the potential to surprise us all the more. In today’s times greater focus is being laid on skill development vis-à-vis knowledge acquisition. In such a scenario educational technology comes in handy. With this very aim in mind we have started Finishing School in our college where students are prepared for the job market by instilling in them the qualities that would help them achieve success at interviews and beyond.
Not only finishing school students but our students in general are aware that in today’s era of globalization there is a never-before-felt need for competitive skills. My competent, dedicated and inspired staff isvery much alive to this need and leaves no stone unturned to help you imbibe these skills.
Dear students, always have an inquisitive mind, a yearning spirit and a positive outlook on life.  You will see that your capable and committed teachers are always by your side helping you achieve success in life.

Dr. Dharam Singh Sandhu

This document was last modified on: 27-May-2016