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Online Admission will start from 2nd week of June.                       Admission of M.Sc(Physics) 1st Sem through CETPG to be conducted by Panjab University from this academic session.




Students may be permitted the following scholarships and incentives. They must apply on the prescribed form on time. Scholarships can be withdrawn at any time as per the instruction of the Government.
1.     University Scholarships: Those presented by the university on the basis of merit.
2.     Scholarships by the Punjab Education Board: Those presented by the Punjab Govt. on the basis of merit.
3.     National Scholarships: Those presented by the Central Govt. on the basis of merit.
4.     Scholarships for Scheduled Castes/ Tribes and Backward Classes: Those presented by the Indian Government.
5.     Scholarships for Scheduled Castes and Backward Classes given by the State Govt.
6.     National loan Scholarships : Which can be given to students who score 50% or more on the basis of merit, and whose parent’s annual income is less than Rs.25,000/-. This scholarship amount is free from interest and can be paid back after three years from the date of completion of course, in installments.
7.     Book grant for the children of political sufferers, Students belonging to Scheduled castes, Vimukt castes and low income group will be provided concession as per college/University terms for education.
8.     Post Matric Scholarship Scheme: Under this scheme of the Indian Govt. Permanent residents of Punjab belonging to Scheduled Castes are permitted scholarships in any part of India for purposes of Post Matric/secondary education. Their family income from all sources must not exceed RS.2, 50,000/- (further information concerning this scheme can be obtained from the Scholarship Branch. of the college).
9.     State Scheduled Caste Scheme: The students belonging to scheduled castes that are permanent residence of Punjab and are studying in the colleges/institutions of Punjab can avail of this welfare fund. Such students are given scholarship under this scheme, if the family income is upto Rs. 2, 50,000/-
10  Low income class Scholarship: This scholarship given to students who do not belong to Scheduled Caste and Backward section, but their parent's income is upto Rs. 2,00,000/-
11. Concessions for Children of Officers/workers killed in army action: Children of army, paramilitary officers/employees who were killed or handicapped during Indo-Pak, Indo-China wars or Sri Lanka army action shall be provided the following concession:
(a)  Full fee concession
(b)  Exemption from hostel expenses
(c)  Book and stationery expenses
(d)  Needy students shall be provided help in every way possible.
Students wish for scholarships or concessions under the above categories must send their application to the college office within a week of college admissions and their applications must be accompanied by slips for bank account with bank code number.
Fee can be reduced for needy students under the following:
1. Fees of 10% students in a class can be reduced by 50% on the basis of poverty.
2. If the elder brother or sister of a student is studying in a government college at the same station, his/her fees can be reduced by 50%. A certificate must be obtained from the Principal of such an institution.
3. Poor and needy students are provided help from Student Welfare Fund and Red Cross Fund as well. This aid is provided for a student's fees, books, clothes or medicines at the recommendation of the appointed committee.
On the basis of house exams the following prizes are given at the Annual Prizes distribution function.
1)    Students First in a subject and aggregate, Second and Third in any class are awarded prizes if they have at least 50% marks in the remaining subjects. If there are 25 students in a class then only the first student will be awarded a prize. If there are 50 then 2 students, if more than 50 than 3 prizes will be given.
(a)  Abhay Oswal Gold Medal: This medal will be awarded to a student of B.Com (Hons.) who stands first in the college in the University examination.
(b)  Professor R.S. Aggarwal  Gold Medal is awarded to the student who stands first in Physics subject in B.Sc Final University Examination.
(c)  Dr. Dharam Singh Gill Memorial Gold Medal is given to the student who stands first in M.A     (Eng) 1st year
(d)  Principal S.K Vashist Gold Medal is presented to the student who stands first in the University in M.A (Hindi) Ist and 2nd year
(e)  Principal Surjit Singh Bhatia Gold Medal and Cash Award is presented to the student who stands first in M.A Ist and M.A 2nd in the University Examination.
(f)  Prof Jatinder Mohan Award is given to the student who stands first in B.Sc I,II in the subject of Chemistry.
(g)  Prof Satish Kant Memorial Award is given to the student who secures Ist position in the class of MA (Hindi) final year in University Examination.
(h)  Prof Vishrut Sharma Memorial Award is presented to the student who stands first in the college in MA(Economics) final year in University Examination.
(i)   P.C Wadhwa Cash Award is given to the student who stands first in the M.Sc (Math) in the college in University Examination.
Roll of Honour, College Colour and Merit Certificates
a)  Roll of Honour: Any student who is awarded first,second  or third position in the last year of the University Examination is awarded the Roll of Honour.
b)  College Colour: Any student who gets first position in P.G first year (M.A/M.Sc -I) or in any class of undergraduate level of the University Exam.

Role of Honour:
  1. Members of the Winning team ( of first or second place )at the Senior National Championship competition ,individual first second and third position  at the senior national level , and the player who stands first, second and third in the Zonal Federation Cup are awarded the Roll of Honour. In the case of cricket the player should have played in a match organized by B.C.C.I like Ranji Trophy/Dalip Trophy/Devdhar Trophy/Vijay trophy/Irani Trophy, or he should have been a member of the winning team, second or runner up in the Rohinton Baria Trophy Match. The player should attend practices for the whole year in the ground and exhibit good conduct.
  2. Member of the winning team at the Junior National Championship Level and the player who stands first at the Junior State Level.
  3. Members of the team which stands first or second at the all India North Zone Intervarsity Championship and players who stand first or second in the individual competitions.
  4. Members of the Combined University Team.
  5. Captain of the State (Senior) or University winning team.
  6. Captain of the State (Junior) Team which stands first,second or third.
  7. A player who establishes a record at the University or State Championship level. (j)  Shree Jagdev Singh Olympian Special Award: This award shall be given to the students who have already received roll of honour and this session they have secured sufficient points or more to qualify for Roll of Honour.
    (k)  College Colour: College colour is presented to players who display achievements at the university and state level. If a student achieves recognition in some other game as well may be awarded the college colour for the second time. It is important that the player should practice regularly in the grounds during the year and have good conduct.
 Conditions for College Colour:
  1. A player who represents the college at the university or state level
  2. A player who achieves first or second place at state/university (Senior Championship) in individual events or a player who wins first place in State Junior Championship.
  3. In case of team events 75% of the winning team in the Panjab University-State Championship and 50% of the team placed second and 25% of the team members of the team placed 3rd will receive College Colour.
  4. The best athlete of the college (boy/girl) who has participated in the University Athletics Championship.
  5.   Winner at the State Level (boy/girl) who has participated in the University Athletics Competition.

College Colour or Roll of Honour (Sports) can be given to a student for achievements in any year out of three years of study. When applying for any award the application must be accompanied by photocopies of certificates of participation and positions secured. 
Cultural Activities:
  1. Roll of Honour: (for any or more categories given below)(15 points are necessary)
    1. The student or all members of the team which gets first place in P.U Youth Festival at the Inter-Zonal Level.
    2. The student who gets 20 points based on the criteria mentioned in Part-A.
    3. If the team wins first rank, the captain of the winning team declared winner in the Panjab University or other competitions organized by P.U.
    4. N.S.S volunteer or Youth Welfare volunteer who has been declared best volunteer in a National Camp.
    5. N.C.C cadets or N.S.S volunteer who participate in Republic Day Parade, New Delhi.
    6. N.C.C cadets who participated in National Level Camps and have received the Gold medals.
  2. Sahir Order of Merit: Students who have already received Roll of Honour, but again score points are more than the qualifying points for Roll of Honour shall be awarded the Sahir Order of Merit.
  3. College Colour: (10 or more points are required)
    1. A student who is adjudged 2nd in P.U. Inter-Zonal Youth Festival.
    2. Members of the team or group event which is adjudged 1st in P.U. Youth Festival.
    3. A student, who scores 15 points in Inter-College Competitions, qualifies for college colour. For the students of Evening College the points required are 10.
    4. College colour shall be awarded to the student who wins a silver medal in NCC.
Points are adjudged in the following manners:
1st in Inter-College competition----------                                        3 marks/points
2nd in Inter-College competition----------                                       2 marks/points
3rd in Inter-College competition-----------                          1 marks/points
1st in Zonal festival------------------------------                                  5          points
2nd in Zonal festival-----------------------------                                  4          points
3rd in Zonal festival------------------------------                                  3          points
1st in Inter-Zonal festival--------------------                                     Roll of Honour
2nd in Inter-Zonal festival-------------------                          College colour
3rd in Inter-Zonal festival--------------------                                     Merit certificate
           Writing an original book---------------------                                            5         points
Minimum 5 articles in newspaper/magazine/Journal---------                2         points
Editor College Magazine-----------------------                                       1         point

1st prize in Inter-zonal sports competition-----------------                     3         points
2nd prize in Inter-Zonal sports competition----------------                     2         points
  1. These points are awarded only for those competitions which are recognized by the Panjab University.
  2. To those NCC and NSS, Youth Club and St. John Ambulance Brigade members who are declared prize winning cadets at Inter-State Level or Directorate Level only.
  1. Merit Certificates: Students who  perform in cultural activities, National Service Scheme, Youth Services, Adult Education, those who get ‘c’ certificate in N.C.C. , College Magazine and activities of the hostel will be awarded Merit Certificates on the recommendation of the Teacher In charge. At least 2 points in Cultural Activities, 2 points in N.C.C. and Youth Services must be scored 7 point in 7 day camp, blood donation one carry 1 point, 1 point for public service program like Pulse-Polio. These points shall be added to a score for Roll of Honor.
  2. Best Students: A student who gains special recognition in 3 fields; he should secure 1st position in any field in the P.U Youth Festival.
  3. Best Speaker: The student who wins  Ist or IInd place in debate and declamation  contests. He /She must have won maximum competition or participated in maximum number of competition.

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