Faculty & Establishment

Principal:                Dr. Gurpreet Kaur  (PES-I)





1.       Dr. D.S. Sidhu, Ph.D., Associate Professor


2.       Mrs. Shashi Bala*,  M.Phil


3.       Mrs. Neelam Bala*

4-5.       Vacant




1.           Mrs. Harpreet Bajwa, M.Phil., Associate Professor


2.           Dr. Sanju Gupta, Ph.D., Associate Professor


3.         Dr. Poonam Mahajan, Ph.D., Associate Professor

4.     Mrs Monika Arora


5-10.  Guest Faculty

                                11.     Vacent



1.           Mrs. Suman Lata, Associate Professor


2.           Dr. Ashwani Bhalla, Ph.D., Professor


3.           Dr. Bhupinder Kumar Khurana, Ph.D. ,Associate Professor


4.           Mr. Husan Lal Basra, Associate Professor


5.           Dr. Harbilas Heera, M.Phil., Ph.D., Associate Professor


6.           Mr. Arun Kumar*


        7-12     Guest Faculty

          13.     Vacent


Computer Science & Applications and Business Administration:


1.           Dr. Gursharanjit Singh, Ph. D., Professor

       2-3.     Guest Faculty


                    (Contract Faculty under HEIS)




1.       Mrs. Iradeep*

2.       Mrs. Geetanjli*

                              3.       Mr. Jatinder Kumar*

                              8-9 Guest Faculty




1.      Dr. Tanveer Likhari, Ph.D, Associate Professor


2.      Mrs. Kajla,M.Phil, Associate Professor


3.      Mrs. Inderjeet Kaur, M.Phil, Associate Professor


4.      Mrs. Amita Rawlley Thaman, M.Phil, Assistant Professor


5.      Mrs. Sumeet Brar, M.Phil, Assistant Professor


6.      Dr. Neelam Bhardwaj, Ph.D , Assistant Professor


7.      Mrs. Nishi Arora,P.G.D.T.E.(Hyderabad), Assistant Professor,


8.      Mrs. Harmeet Kaur Jhajj, Assistant Professor


9.      Mrs. Anamika*, M.Phil.


10.  Mrs. Pooja Kapoor*, M.Phil.


11.  Mrs. Sarika Prashar*, M.Phil.


        12-15 Guest Faculty

         16. vacant




1.           Mrs. Simarjit Kaur, Associate Professor

 2-3.     Guest Faculty  

                                4-9     Vacent





1.       Mrs. Sunanda *

2.     Dr Monik Jain *


       3-5. Guest Faculty

       6.     Vacant





1.       Mr. Paramjit Singh * 2-6 Guest Faculty


Industrial Microbiology:


1.   Guest Faculty






1.       Mr. Kamal Kishore, M.Phil. , Associate Professor


2.       Dr. Satya Rani, Ph.D. , Associate Professor


                        3.  Dr. Gursharanjit Singh, Ph.D., Professor

4.       Mr.Mohinder Kumar* 

5-9     Guest Faculty


Music (Instrumental):


1.   Guest Faculty



Physical Education:



1.       Mrs.Harwinder Kaur, Associate Professor


2.       Mr.Kulwant Singh, Assistant Professor


3.     Mrs.Amarpreet Kaur *


4-5. Vacant   




1.       Mr.Deepak Chopra, M.Phil., Associate Professor


2.       Dr.Harjinder Singh, Ph.D., Associate Professor


3.       Dr.Bhagwanti, Ph.D., Associate Professor


4.       Dr. Nitin Sood* Ph.D

5-9      Guest Faculty

10. Vacant


Political Science:


1-4               Guest Faculty

      5                  vacant




1.   Mrs.Monika *



Public Administration:


1.   Guest Faculty





1.     Mr.Harwinder Singh Joshi *


2.       Mr.Paramjeet *

3.      Mr. Bhupinder Singh*


4-11 Guest Faculty  


12-13 Vacant



1.   Vacant





1.   Guest Faculty





1-3 Guest Faculty

 4. vacant




Library Staff:


1.   Mr.Bharpur Singh, Librarian


2-4 Vacant


5    Mr.Shadi Ram, Library Attendant



Library Restorer:


1-2 Vacant


*Part-time (Protected by Honor „able Supreme Court of India)




                 1.   Senior Tutor                                                                      Mrs. Balwinder Kaur, Dr. Harbans Singh


     2.   Convener - Women Cell                                                                         Dr. Amarjit Kaur                                                         

                3.    (i) Convener - Hostel Committee


(ii) Incharge - Time Table (General and Arts)

                         (iii) Incharge- Environmental Education                                         Dr. Harbans Singh



                 4. House Examination Branch


                     (i) Registrar                                                                                                Dr. Harbans Singh


                     (ii) Deputy Registrar                                                                Dr. Paramjeet Singh Grewal 

                     (iii) Deputy Registrar                                                                                Mr. Kamal Kishor

                 (iv) Deputy Registrar                                                                                Dr. Bhupinder Kaur
                 5. Dean Students Welfare
                        (ii) Convener- Anti Ragging Cell                                                                    Dr. Mukesh Arora
                  6. (i) Dean Sports
                    (ii) Incharge College Discipline                                                                    Mr. Balbir Kumar
                 7. Incharge- College Property                                                                    Mrs. Harwinder Kaur
                8. Bursar                                                                                                         Dr. Deepak Chopra
                  9. Bursar (PTA)                                                                               Mr. Paramjeet Singh Grewal              
                10. Dean (Cultural Activities)                                                                        Mr. Kamal Kishore
        11. Campus Incharge                                                    Mr. Kamal Kishore, Mr. Kulwant Singh
                12. Chief Editor College Magazine                                                                     Mrs. Inderjit Kaur
                13. Incharge- Photography Club                                                                            Dr. Jagtar Singh
                14. (i) Hostel Warden (Girls)
                        (ii) Incharge Time Table (Commerce)                                                           Mrs. Suman Lata                       
                 15. Incharge Railway/Bus                                                Dr. Sanju Gupta, Dr. Poonam Mahajan                       
                16. Incharge Time Table (Science)                                                                    Sh. Deepak Chopra                       
                 17. Incharge -Red Ribbon Club                                                                    Mrs. Sarabjit Kaur Gill                     
                  18. Incharge UGC                                                                                                        Dr. D.S. Sandhu                       
                 19. (i) Co-ordinator Business Innovations
                       (ii) Co-ordinator RUSA 
                       (iii) Co-ordinator IQAC
                (iv) Finance Secretary HEIS                                                                        Dr. Ashwani Bhalla                         
                20. Stage Secretary Panel                        Dr. Ashwani Bhalla (Convener), Dr. Harblas Heer                             
                21. (i) Associate Dean Students Welfare     
                          (iI) Incharge Career Counselling and Guidance                                        Mrs. Inderjit Kaur                       
                 22. Incharge Edu-Sat                                                                                        Dr. Harjinder Singh                          
                23. Incharge NCC Army Wing                                                                                  Mr. Nitin Sood                           
                 24. Incharge Cycle Scooter Stand                            Mr. H.L. Basra, Mr. Harwinder Singh Joshi                       
                25. (i) Associate Dean (Cultural Activities)
                           (ii) Secretary Staff & Staff Club
                           (iii) Incharge Saint John Ambulance Brigade and Red Cross Society        
                            (iv) Incharge Youth Welfare Panjab University and Youth Services Club
                             (v) NCC (Air Wing)                                                                                        Dr. Harblas Heera                         
                26. Incharge Press & Media                                                                        Dr. Harmeet Kaur Jhajj                        
                27. Incharge Finishing School                                                            Mrs. Amita Rawlley Thaman                       
                 28. Incharge National Services Scheme (Girls)                Mrs. Sumeet  Brar, Mrs. Neelam Bala                     
                  29. Incharge National Services Scheme (Boys)                           Mr. Arun Kumar, Mr. Paramjeet

Evening College:


1.   Mrs. Charanjeet Kaur                   : Incharge and Registrar House Examinations



Establishment Branch:




1.      Mr. Vinod Kumar Sharma

: Superintendent


2.      Mrs. Sushma Rani

: Steno Typist


3.      Mr. Niraj Dutt             :Junior Assistant (Establishment)


4.    Mr. Rohit Sharma:       Junior Assistant (Examination branch)                 

5.      Ms. Babneet Kaur

: University Clerk


6.      Mr. Jeetpal

: Diary Dispatcher



Accounts Branch:



Mr. Jaswinder Singh

: Junior Assistant (Fee)


Mrs. Kanchan Bala

: Junior Assistant (Funds)


Mr. Rishu Aggarwal

: Cashier,GPF and GIS Clerk


Mrs. Kiranjit kaur

: Scholarship and R.T.I Clerk


Mr. Ashish Mahajan

: Bill Clerk



Laboratory Staff:

Senior Lecture Assistant:


1.   Mr. Charanjeet Singh

2.   Mr. Gurtej Singh

3.   Mr. Satnam Singh

4.   Mr. Ashish Mahajan  (Working in Account Office)

5.  Vacant


Junior Lecture Assistant:


1-13 Vacant

Senior Lab Attendant:


1.     Mr. Jaswinder Singh

2.       Mr. Sanjeev Kapur

3.       Mr. Paramjeet Singh

4.       Mr. Madan Mohan Sharma

5.       Mr. Naresh Kumar

6.       Mr. Deepak Rawat (working in examination branch)

7.       Vacant



Gas Man:


1.       Mr. Jagtar Singh


2.       Mr. Ranjit Singh



Lab Attendant:


1.       Mr. Hukam Chand


2.       Mr. Jagir Singh



3.       Mr. Piare lal


4.       Mr.Manish Kumar


5.       Mr. Jit Singh


6.       Mr. Sukhdev Singh



7.       Krishan Kumar


8-12           Vacant



Evening College:


1.       Mr. Amandeep Singh, Clerk


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