The National Service Scheme was started by Government of India, Ministry of Education and Culture, in collaboration with State Government in the year 1969.The college runs four NSS units for boys and girls. Around 400 students enroll in NSS every year. Guided by the motto 'Not Me but You,' the volunteers uphold the tradition of selfless service. Apart from one day camps and seven-day camps, NSS units also organise many other philanthropic activities to sensitise students towards societal issues.

The college NSS units have been accoladed with awards like National Rakat Nayak Award, Certificate of Appreciation by Municipal Corporation, Ludhiana and Swacchta Champion award for their commendable work. The NSS (Boys wing) President Keshav (session 2022-23) was selected for the prestigious RD camp and he marched on Kartavya path as a part of NSS contingent for the 74th Republic day parade. He was honoured by the Governor of Punjab. Volunteers are also provided with the opportunity of attending National Integration Camps and inter state tours.

Components of NSS

NSS Programme Officer, NSS Volunteer and Community are considered the three basic components of the NSS.
NSS Programme Officer is a member of the teaching faculty who provides necessary leadership to the NSS students.
NSS Volunteer is a self motivated college student.
Community provides NSS volunteer the first-hand knowledge of living conditions of Masses.

Classification of NSS Activities

NSS activities have been divided in two major groups. These are regular NSS activities and special camping programme.

a) Regular NSS Activity: Under this, students undertake various programmes in the college campus and in the adopted village .Visits to orphanages ,old age homes and urban slums during week-ends or after college hours is another added activity.Organisation of Blood donation camps, langar Sewa and Chhabeel are other hallmark activities undertaken by NSS units. The participation in all these activities should add up to 120 hours per year for every volunteer.

b) Special Camping Programme: Under this, camps of 7 days duration are organised in adopted villages or urban slums or college campus during vacation with some specific projects by involving local communities. 50% NSS volunteers are expected to participate in these camps.

Terms of NSS

Under the NSS Programme any student of the college can opt for NSS provided he/she is not enrolled in NCC. Volunteers are required to render service for a minimum 120 hours per year under regular activities and are also required to participate in at least one 7 day special camping programme every year. The Special Camping Programme will be treated as separate project and the hours of work put in those programmes will be accounted separately and they will not be included in the 120 hours of normal NSS activities. A, B and C certificates are earned by the students after the completion of first, second and third year of service, respectively.

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