Best Practices

SCD Govt. College undertakes different types of best practices as per its institutional environment:

Games and Sports

It is now well proven that sports contribute greatly to our physical and psychological health, not to mention to our development as individuals. We generally also expect that organized sports add to the well-being of our communities. However, various studies of people’s opinions on sport and its impact reveal that there is a gap between “the sport that we want” and “the sport that we have”. We believe that Sports is an integral part of holistic education. Sports education develops the overall personality of the students ----

  • To promote and motivate the students towards sports
  • To motivate the female students to excel in the field of sports.
  • To improve students leadership quality.
  • To understand the importance of sports in the present scenario.

Objectives of the Practice: The students will be able to:

  • Develop physical fitness
  • Understand the importance of sports
  • Get the opportunity to be innovative and creative in sports
  • To develop an appreciation of the concepts of honest competition
  • To develop the capacity to maintain interest in sports
  • To develop leadership skills and qualities
  • To develop self-esteem and self-confidence
  • To promote an understanding of physical and mental well-being

The Practice:

Admissions to the sports quota includes a sports-talent search at micro level and appropriate training which is provided by the college throughout the academic year. There also exists a continuous monitoring system which enhances performance and contributes towards excellence in respective sporting event. A free diet and hostel are provided to the sportsmen, and sports kits and sports equipment are provided to the sportsmen free of charge.

Evidence of Success:

SCD Govt. College Ludhiana has been getting medals for the last 5 years in the inter-college level competitions of basketball and volleyball. The ex- students of the college are actively participating in the different sports activities in the various institution of higher learning where they are performing their master degrees. Many students got admission in the sports quota for higher studies in the course of the interest.

Finishing School (under RUSA Scheme of MHRD)

India has one of the world’s largest populations of young people who constitute India’s vast human resource, who are, however, without the specific skill set that the industry needs. Our graduates lack soft skills, employability skills, and attitude. NEP 2020 has also emphasized that students be skilled and made employable. The Finishing School of the college endeavours to fill this gap by teaching students various modules like English Communication Skills & Personality Development, Retail Sales & Marketing, and IT and Computer Basics. These modules act as a bridge between college life and professional life apart from enhancing the employability quotient of the outgoing students. These modules are taught by teachers from different faculties of the college.

Objectives of the Practice: The Finishing School is run on the college premises free of cost with the overall objective of enhancing the employability of the final-year students and making them ready for the world that lies outside the college.

The Finishing Schools aims to do this by:

  • Enhancing the soft skills of fresh graduates from different streams.
  • Providing guidance regarding various career options and their prospects.
  • Helping students with their personal, educational, and psychological problems.
  • Acquainting students with the admission procedure for higher studies and research fellowships as per their requirements.
  • Reinforcing the students’ skills to acquire industry-specific knowledge by interacting with professionals and experts from the industry.
  • Preparing the students to adapt themselves with ease to work cultures and the environment of the industry.

The Practice: Ongoing classes cover English Communication Skills, Interview skills, Phonetics, Personality Development, Retail, Sales, and Marketing, and IT and Computer basics. They are taught through lectures, workshops/seminars, and interactions with professionals/ experts from the industry to enable students to have useful exposure to current trends, how to face the interview panel, and conduct themselves in Group Discussions. They are also enabled to crack competitive exams.

Evidence of Success: The evidence of success of the practice is clearly visible from the activities carried out and placement over the last five years:

Finishing School organised a seminar on Job Opportunities in the Aviation, Hospitality, and Tourism sectors in collaboration with Frankfinn Institute. Students were made aware of the lucrative job opportunities, handsome pay packages, the process of meticulous selection, and extensive training in this field as Indian Tourism provides 39 million jobs at present and is slated to go up to 59 million by 2029, offering sizeable recruitment.

A full-day Interactive Seminar cum Workshop on Enhancing Employability Skills was also organised by the Finishing School under the Career Counselling Scheme for Government Colleges. The resource person, Prof. Dr. Rupali Arora from Chandigarh University, Mohali involved the students through PPTs, interactive sessions, group discussions, and mock interview sessions to teach students interpersonal skills like observation, attentive listening, empathy, receptiveness to criticism, and overall positive attitude for success and satisfaction in the workplace and in life.

A Seminar cum Workshop on Language and Speech Skills was organized by the Finishing School where the resource person, Dr Honey Walia (Associate Professor of English at Khalsa College for Women Ludhiana) explained that communication is a crucial part of our daily lives. She talked about three aspects of communication: the sender, the message, and the receiver. She discussed different types of phonetic sounds and emphasized how placing stress on words while communicating determines the meaning.

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